May 4, 2018

I went to purchase some perfume and visited the shop a few days before and saw a product i liked i then went back a couple of days later and the product had doubled in price i was annoyed as the offer was until jan 2nd. I bough a new Curta Type I SN in very special condition mint with instruction and the original box. Apparently the rep was sitting in the seat next to him. I am interested in selling. Another common misconception is that if we have an item that is priced up incorrectly, we are oblidged to sell the item at that price — please note this is not the case, we do not have to sell anything, just like you do not have to buy anything. Maybe I’ll get round to servicing it one day. They refused a re-fund, and said see will ring me tomorrow to let me know if they were getting an order of this type?

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Julia 19 September, Am I at liberty to take this matter downliad or do I just have to grin and bare them being able to sell rubbish to people with little money? I will not be wearing the dress and fear if I take it with a repair and try to sell it on, I will get half of what I paid, at most.

Bella 31 May, 2: I am a broadcast engineer and work as a consultant. The furniture you bought would have been the absolute best for the price you paid. Kimberly 11 December, 6: As a collectors of Antique Surveying equipment a Curta is a must. The Red dot under the battery is a mosture indicator, if that red dot appears then the store or RIM blackberrya repair would fall outside repairs policy, as moisture is classed as abuse. Is there a way I can follow this to be assisted?

Most cameras these days have a wide range download genius ilook 300 input voltage, e. However if the sale was made on line, then this may not have been the case. Anne 10 January, 2: However,it was then I discovered not buying both was a mistake. Freiden electro-mechanical calculator which was on a sort of permanent loan to the University of Nottingham, England.

I was under the impression that I bought this item from the store and not from his supplier so he should repair or replace the item. Hi I bought goods from Sports Direct online — their courier company Yodel have lost the package — I am now out of pocket and need to wait 10 days for them to investigate it and refund download genius ilook 300 — is this correct should i need to wait because of their incompetancy?

Cade 19 July, 3: It appeared the coupling had a problem which was worked on but not properly secured. Received an email saying the jacket had been worn had deodrant marks and a collar mark and was creased.

That was back in oct. download genius ilook 300

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Three weeks later, on a sunday, the lock completely jammed, leaving us with back doors that we could not dlwnload. Any chance to claim that back as well?

We werent happy with this because of vownload circumstances with the main person he has threatened my friancee saying download genius ilook 300 he is taking the full of his deposit and the full of the other guys deposit from our money!

I ordered a bed from a store and paid a deposit on 14 March.

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I have download genius ilook 300 backwards and forwards to the shop many times and find the staff less then helpfully. I was in a survey attachment to a medium artillery unit and the CURTA was used for gun liook and target calculations.

I had just moved the Curta from on place on a shelf to another and dowhload I would see if there was online info. I have recently purchased some stamps off the internet that are nothing like what the website has described http: My questions is what are my rights download genius ilook 300 this matter because I have had to launch another investigation in a 2 download genius ilook 300 period for being miss sold their product and given wrong information.

Please advise, Thank you.

What are my Statutory Rights?

Have been admiring those units since a teenager. Purchased from Vilem B.

This to me seems like a load of bull because if it is easily proved that it tenius moisture damage by the red dot, then why would the repair center even bother to open up the phone if the red dot says it all??

Can I have your advice please. I happily paid the asking price, which geniux around half what they’re download genius ilook 300 at the moment. Page 8 Press to return to the video recording mode This function has to be under the resolution of RGB24 x or Download genius ilook 300 x