May 9, 2018

Lay the computer on its side with the rear facing toward you. Fill out the form, click the Begin button, and follow the instructions on the screen. Remove the two screws that secure the hard drive cage to the chassis. Remove the eight screws that secure the system board to the chassis. Got it, continue to print. Page of Go. If you install a plug and play device, Windows automatically recognizes the device and configures the computer.

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Never immerse any parts in water or cleaning solutions; apply any liquids to a clean cloth and then use the cloth on the component.

QuickSpecs access through HP Marketing Document Library

Solving Power Problems Common causes and solutions for power problems are listed in the following table. Provide a wrist strap connected to the work surface and properly grounded tools and equipment. Reconnect the power cord and any external devices, then turn on the computer. Slide the power supply about 1. Turn on the monitor and check that the monitor light is on. Hp compaq dc5100 base model sff pc audio computer emits two short beeps then one long beep followed by a three second pause.

Operating Guidelines Operating Guidelines To prevent overheating and to help prolong the life of the computer: The voltage select switch feature on the computer permits it to operate from any line voltage between or volts AC. You will see a brief movie followed by an online registration form. Operating Guidelines To prevent overheating and to help prolong the life of the computer: To install a new expansion card, hold hp compaq dc5100 base model sff pc audio card just above the expansion socket on the system board then move the card toward the rear of the chassis so that the bottom of the bracket on the card slides into the small slot on the chassis.

Type 1 Battery Holder Lift the battery out of its holder. FAQs Contact the helpdesk. Hp installer kit for linux: Not all features listed in this guide are available on all computers.

Hp z workstation maintenance and service guide pages. You may want to lay the computer on its side to install internal parts.

To install an internal 3. Dff Solution Movie may be regionalized for a different country. Product Imagery Product Photos. This document describes in detail the system’s design and operation for programmers, engineers, technicians, and system administrators, hp compaq dc5100 base model sff pc audio well as end-users wanting detailed information.

These guidelines do not discuss the process of debugging the network cabling. Cause Solution Processor resources are being used by other open Shut down all open processor-intensive applications. Page Processor Prepare the computer for disassembly Preparation for Disassembly on page Page 24 Six menu headings appear on the Computer Setup Utility screen: Already know all about QuickSpecs?

HP Compaq dc7800 Technical Reference Manual

Page 91 Screw the lock to basf chassis using the screw provided. Got it, continue to print. QuickSpecs can be accessed off-line using the HP Product Bulletin application or through synchronization with standard cloud solutions. Don’t show me this message again. Page Remove the screw that secures the power supply to the base of hp compaq dc5100 base model sff pc audio computer.

Figure Releasing the Slot Cover Lock Before installing an expansion card, remove the expansion slot cover or the existing coompaq card.

QuickSpecs Overview

Secure drive by fastening two retainer screws bass the holes in the left side of the drive cage into the corresponding holes in the left side of the drive 2. Page 72 Lift the hard drive cage out of the chassis. System Architecture [3] Low-profile slot in standard configuration. Press and hold power button for less than 4 seconds.

Tools and Software Requirements To service the computer, you need the following: Page 13 Non-return-to-zero inverted nanosecond nested task flag National Television Standards Committee non-volatile random access memory operating system 1. Priority Network Group Boot Specifies boot device priority within bootable network devices.

Page 80 Integrated Graphics Subsystem www. The system will enter the operating system successfully. Connect external cables to the installed card, if needed. Plug in the computer and turn on power to the computer.